Kinetic energy is a major factor in arrow penetration. Penetration is a major factor in the lethality of an arrow.

Simply stated, kinetic energy is the result of an arrow’s weight and speed. Those elements are what is needed to calculate kinetic energy.


Arrow Projectile Kinetic Energy Calculator

Enter only two values, then hit the calculate button:
Arrow Weight (grs)
Projectile Velocity
Kinetic Energy
Good Hunting Robin Hood (KE=M * v2 / 450,240)


Arrow weight set-ups vary greatly from one bowhunter to another. There are so many factors involved that it is impossible to have one particular set-up work for everyone, in every situation.

Arrow weight is one of the most underrated and overlooked aspects in western big game hunting. The amount of kinetic energy your bow produces is key in every situation you’re faced with in the mountains.

In most cases a well-placed arrow of any weight will get the job done, but when things go wrong and your arrow misses it’s mark by a few inches, that’s when arrow weight shows it’s true importance. So for this reason, I always shoot the heaviest arrow I can and still achieve a speed of 280 fps.

With my current bow and arrow set up, I am able to produce of speed of 286 FPS with an arrow weight of 488 grains. If you use the calculation for kinetic energy (Arrow weight x Velocity squared, divided by 450240), this combination gives me 89 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, a lethal combination for any North American animal.

Arrow---Gold Tip Kinetic 300 (10.4 grains per inch) @ 28.5 inches long

Vanes--- 4 fletch with 2.5” Vane Tech Max (5.9 grains per Vane)

Point weight---- 24-grain insert with a 125-grain point weight

Arrow Wrap---- 7-inch arrow wrap (8 grains)

Nock---Gold Tip “Accu-Nock” weighing 11.6 grains


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