Asphalt Shingle Calculator (Estimator)

Calculate Shingles, Nails and Cost

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How To Use Asphalt Shingle Calculator (Estimate)
Shingle Cost Estimator.

This calculator is designed for a standard
two sided sloped roof.

The measurements entered represent a
rectangle, of roof on one side of the building,
The calculator uses these measurements to
compute the area of the whole roof, and
determine the number of bundles.

Be sure to add a couple of bundles for double first row,
and capping. Also have a couple of bundles
spare on hand to cover wind damage etc.

3 bundles per square. (100 Sq Ft)

21 shingles per bundle.

33 square feet per bundle

100 square feet per square,

4 nails per Shingle

31 Holes In One

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