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Don't toss old stock certificates

Research might reveal financial, collectible value

Picture this: You're poring over your grandfather's papers and come across a stock certificate for a company called Haloid. You've never heard of it, and you can't find it on any stock exchange, so you toss the stock certificate out with Gramps' National Geographics .

Big mistake.

Haloid, chartered in 1906, became Haloid Xerox in 1958. In 1961, it changed its name to Xerox. After numerous stock splits, a single share of Haloid purchased in 1910 would now be worth 48,600 Xerox shares, which in turn would be worth more than $1 million. Try getting that kind of cash for those National Geographics .

Dividend Yields and Payout Ratio: A well rounded fundamental analysis approach should include such esoteric metrics as the dividend yield and the dividend payout ratio. Price to Book Ratio: The P/B ratio compares the market's valuation of a company to the value of that company as indicated on its financial statements. Price to Sales:The Price to Sales, or P/S ratio is a lesser know fundamental metric that is best used to analyze specific types of companies.

PEG Ratio: The Price/Earnings to Growth or PEG ratio can give you a fuller view of a stock's earnings trend going forward. The most popular metric in fundamental analysis is the price to earning ratio, but it can be trickier to understand than you might think. Earnings Per Share or EPS is one of the foundations of fundamental analysis and understanding how it is calculated is crucial for stock investors. The buy or sell stock calculator can help you with: sell price, symbol, purchase price, commission, sold, stock market, market,Dividend Yields, Payout Ratio, Price to Book Ratio, financial statements etc.