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When buying a car most people fail to consider many of the expenses that will be generated by their purchase. And because nearly all car buying situations come with different variables (depreciation rates, interest rates, purchase prices, insurance costs, mpg ratings, etc.), it becomes more difficult to compare one buying situation with another. The car cost calculator will not only help you to forecast the actual cost of buying and owning a car, but it will also help you to more accurately compare the real cost of one car buying situation with the real cost of a second car buying situation. (Fill in all blanks, put a 0 in blanks that don't matter.)

Tips For Dealing With Car Salesmen to Make Sure You Don't Get Ripped Off

Be Prepared. The best thing you can do is to go into the vehicle buying situation with information.

Donít Provide More Information About Yourself Than You Have To. People in sales are trained to learn about a customer in order to tailor their sales tactics. So the best thing you can do is provide the least amount of information about you and your situation as possible.

Use the Buddy System. When shopping for a vehicle donít go alone. If you are married you will likely take your spouse anyway but even if you are single it can be worth it to bring a friend or two or even a relative with you.

Understand the Salespersonís Motives. If you are using the phone to call around with questions during your preliminary shopping it is the salesmanís job to get you into the showroom. They may lure you in with specials or deals that may or may not exist so it is up to you to do your due diligence beforehand and strictly get the facts you are looking for.

Whoever Speaks Next, Loses. When negotiating it is important remain calm and to avoid rushing into decisions. When the dealer presents you with an additional feature or service simply take a moment to pause and think about it. They will present it to you in a way that sounds as if you must have it, but if you donít immediately respond they will have to come back to you with a question or more information. They want you to make quick decisions, but instead lead them into providing more information.

Be Nice. Letís face it, people enjoy speaking with and dealing with others who are polite and respectful. If you come into the dealership with an abrasive attitude you wonít get very far with a salesperson. 

Donít Show Enthusiasm. People in sales would kill to have a customer who is excited and enthusiastic about an upcoming purchase. This behavior puts dollar signs in their eyes and this excitement can blind you to reality.

Keep Your Trade-In a Secret Until a Final Price is Set. If you are planning on trading in your old car to help with the purchase of this new vehicle make sure you donít let the cat out of the bag until the end. The salesperson will certainly ask if you will be trading in but you donít have to tell them yes or no, maybe you are considering it.  

Seek Financing Before Shopping. This doesnít mean you need to have a loan already secured and ready to go, but check with your bank or credit union and see what type of rates are available to you and whether or not you would be approved for a loan in the estimated amount that you expect to need. Remember, most dealerships and salespeople donít make much if any money on the price of the vehicle. Most of their commission comes from the in-house financing.  

You Have the Upper Hand. The most important thing to remember is that you have the upper hand. You are the consumer and you have a vast number of car buying options available to you. Donít be fooled into letting the dealership make you feel that you need to rush into something or that you need to deal with them specifically.