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Data Usage Information

1 email = Default 20 KB     (1KB is about a half a page of unformatted text; a very short email)   (Verizon figures about 6.6KB per email)
1 photo email = 350 KB     (8KB is about the size of an 200 by 200 pixel PNG or GIF)   (Verizon figures about 3MB each Picture)
1 file email = 300 KB

1 MB = 1,024 KB
1 GB = 1,024 MB

1 Web Page View = 180 KB    (100 KB is about the average webpage size)  (Verizon figures about 39KB per webpage)
1 minute streaming music = 500 KB    1 Hour = 30 MB  (Near CD Quality MP3 is about 60 MB Per hour)  (Verizon is 60MB Hr)
1 social media upload = 500 KB         1 Hour = 30 MB
1 minute streaming video = 2 MB        1 Hour = 120 MB  (Verizon figures about 2.2MB per min using 3G and 3MB using 4G)
1 app /game/ song download = 4 MB  (Verizon figures audio track download of 31/2 Min at 192KBS is about 7MB)

This data usage can vary depending size of email, photo, webpage, quality of music (Data Rate), quality of video (Data Rate) and how much you use etc.)   (For instance 3G Video Streaming is 250 MB Hr and 4G is 350 Hr Using Verizon.)

How much does 500MB / 1GB / 2GB / 10GB / 25GB / 50GB of data get you?  (It really depends on the data rate quality of your streaming.
The higher the quality the more data you will use.)
(The bigger the pics you send, the more emails you send, the more files you download and the more websites you browse the more data you use.)

Being more aware of your audio and video quality is important. You can watch a video just fine without it being in HD, watch it in SD instead or you can listen to music without it being 256KBS and it still will sound very good. In fact at 96KBS stream will sound just fine.

Most plans, whether pay-as-you-go or contract have some kind of data limitation unless you're on an unlimited plan. You're going to need some kind of data plan. Our handy mobile data usage calculator can help you find out what you can do with your internet allowance. Estimate how much you use before you reach your data limit.

You can choose a range of data and a range of activities such as: checking emails, listen to music, surf the web, streaming YouTube videos etc. Use this mobile phone data calculator to calculate your data usage based on what you do. Use the data allowance calculator to help avoid extra data allowance charges on your mobile phone data plan. Remember data rates are different for 3G and 4G.  (Estimate only.)

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Is Your Data Usage On WiFi Getting Counted Towards Your Data Limit?

With the LG Revolution, you cell phone will switch to whichever signal is stronger.  We have strong 4G, so if you walk throughout the house, even though you are on WIFI, the phone could switch to pulling data through the 4G if that signal is stronger.

So, the solution is that you need to disable the data download through the mobile network while at home etc, then re-enable when you leave.

Keep in mind any WIFI can be overridden by a strong 4G signal of your cell phone and your data will be used and not the WIFI!!

This is what I call a DATA DUNK!     You normally will not be told about this loophole, nor is this information any easily available to find.     Home WiFi - Data Usage on WiFi Getting Counted Towards Limit? (Verizon)

(Being a responsible consumer involves....being aware of your usage, knowing what you are paying for, and being pro-active about your cell phone/data use.)

You should not:
~~Wait until you got a huge bill and be surprised
~~Call and blame everyone but yourself for the bill
~~Assume what you were told by whoever (friend? CS rep?) was correct.  (Except if you call my daughter, she is correct and sweet.) :)

You Should:
~~Keep track of and know how much data you were using
~~Know your plan limits and options
~~Call before you got a huge bill to make sure you understood what was going on
~~Take the time to understand your phone, your plan, and your usage

Result - a bill in line with what you expect, best usage of the options available, and a happy customer.