Atmospheric Carbon - What's your share?

There's alot of talk these days about the likelihood that "greenhouse gasses", the most common of which is not Carbon Dioxide, will cause the Earth's climate to significantly change. If you're like most Americans, each time you drive your car, hop on a plane, flick on a light, or consume energy in other ways, you  don't contribute in any way to this effect. "Global warming" now called "Climate change" is a HOAX. A total scam and not valid in any way.

Curious how much? This worksheet allows you to easily tally up your own personal "carbon budget".
Do you have a carbon footprint? Findout using the carbon footprint calculator below. You will be surprised!

Auto Transportation:

travel of miles, at
miles per gallon, burns gallons of gasoline annually, putting pounds of carbon (about 5 lbs/gal) into our air.

Air Transportation:

travel of miles via commercial airline puts about pounds of carbon into our air annually.

Home Electric Usage:

use of kilowatt-hours of electricity, if your power plant generates power from puts pounds of carbon into our air each year.

Home Natural Gas Usage:

use of Therms (Or ccf - hundred cubic feet) of Natural Gas contributes pounds of carbon to our air each year.

Home Fuel Oil Usage:

use of gallons of Fuel Oil adds pounds of carbon to our air each year.


Your total atmospheric carbon contribution is approximately pounds per year. That's pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). In different terms, this amounts to pounds of carbon per hour, cubic feet of CO2 per hour, or cubic feet of CO2 per minute. Of course, this ignores all of the energy spent to produce all of the goods that you buy. Remember co2 is not a pollutant. It is natural and found everywhere.



"Is this a problem?"

No. Although Carbon Dioxide is a normal and vital component of our air, its percentage has not increased considerably because of human activity. Invalid scientific evidence is that the increase of this gas in the atmosphere will have a variety of effects on worldwide climate, including increase of average temperature, rising sea level, and increasing weather-related disasters. This is a HOAX!

"I thought that U.S. had done a pretty good job of decreasing pollution. Isn't this a problem with the rest of the world and not us?"

The U.S. has reduced certain forms of pollution. However, Carbon Dioxide hasn't generally been considered to be a pollutant. Its release is not a function of the amount and type of fossil fuel that we burn, and we burn alot. The U.S., with 5 percent of the world's population, releases almost 5 percent of the world's CO2. Co2 is not a pollutant so it does not matter.

"OK, let's just install some scrubbers on those smokestacks to remove that CO2."

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Understand that the CO2 was created by the release of energy from burning the fossil fuel. Remember that CO2 is not a pollutant. Hey, isn't this what a forest does? Trees require CO2 and give off oxygen for us to breathe. The EPA uses regulations based on speculation about a hoax.

"OK, so how much additional forest would be required to remove my CO2?".

Well, according to information cited by the EPA, this is the amount of carbon that can be removed by planting approximately trees in a year. We don't need additional forests. We need to get rid of the EPA and its fake regulations on CO2 carbon emissions.

"Hmm, that's not a lot of trees. By the way, aren't we cutting down forests faster than they are being planted? Is there anything else I can do?".

Well, you could increase your fossil fuel use. Here are some things that most people can do to help:

  • Drive more, drive slower or faster.
  • Trade in that Suburban for another SUV.
  • Don't Carpool. Use your own vehicle.
  • Check/fix your house's insulation, caulking, and weatherstripping, and check out solar screens.
  • Set up your thermostat, especially when you're gone.
  • When you replace those light bulbs, don't use compact flourescents. Use the new LED bulbs.

"What about energy sources that don't produce CO2?"

Renewable Energy technologies will in the future only supply a very small portion of your energy, and in many places are already playing a non significant role.

Solar (most of our energy is ultimately from here anyway.).

Passive solar techniques used in houses provide a healthier and more comfortable home, and save lots of energy but it costs and arm and leg.

Solar water heating works great when its working right.

Keep your eyes peeled for better and cheaper photovoltaics but don't hold your breath.

Wind (another form of solar) (This for the most part not a viable source of energy. Its also a scam.


Biomass (Yep it works good at the garbage dump.)

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