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Water Heater Characteristics
Diameter (feet) Water Inlet Temperature (Degrees F)
Capacity (gallons) Ambient Temperature (Degrees F)
Surface Area (calculated - sq ft) Hot Water Temperature (Degrees F)
Effective R-value Hot Water Usage (Gallons per Day)
Energy Use Heat Delivered in Hot Water (BTUH)
Heat loss through insulation (BTUH)
Gas Electric
Overall Efficiency
Conversion Efficiency 0.98
BTUH Power Into Water Heater BTUH
$ /Therm Utility Rates $ /KwH
$ Yearly Water Heating Cost $
Solar Water Heater Cost: $ Percentage Solar:
years Payback Time for Solar System years

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What does it cost to heat a gallon of water?

The exact amount will depend on the efficiency of your hot water heater, whether you use gas or electric and exactly what your electric or gas costs are.

"Energy required to heat a tank of water

Cost to heat water in a gas tank

Cost to heat water in an electric tank

The two keys they had were that it cost $0.51 to heat 40 gallons using gas or $0.73 using electric. Thats $0.01275 per gallon for gas and $0.01825 per gallon with electric.

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