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IV Infusion Time Calculator

Disclaimer: All calculations must be confirmed.

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Basic Time Formulas

= Hours

Time Calculated Using IV Tubing Only

Volume / (    gtt/min 
x  60 ) = Hours

Examples Only

1. Using a volumetric IV pump calculate to duration of 1000 mL of normal saline infusing at 125mL/hour.

select "IV pump"
volume = 1000 milliliters
rate = 125 mL/hr

Actual formula:

= 8 Hours

2. There are 250 mL of D5W infusing at 33 gtt/min on IV tubing calibrated at 10 gtt/mL.  Calculate the infusion time.

select "No IV pump"
volume = 250 mL
rate = 33 gtt/min
calibration = 10 gtt/mL

Actual formula:

250 / (  33 gtt/min
x  60 ) = 1.26 Hours

0.26 x 60 = 16 minutes
So 1.26 Hours = 1 Hour & 16 minutes

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Recently I had open heart surgery at a local hospital. During my recovery I talked with several nurses and others about this website. I told them they could find almost any calculator they needed. This IV fusion time calculator is provided for informational purposes only for the great staff nurses and doctors at Greenville Memorial Hospital. Thank you all for being so kind.


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The Lord has shown me mercy in that He has let me live another day. I thank the Lord Jesus every day for letting me live another day.

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He like me must not pick up over 5lbs nor use our arms to get out of bed or a chair etc.

Because of this man's memory problem he has trouble remembering not to use his arms to lift things.

This could lead to him causing his breastbone not to heal after his surgery. If he injures himself again his prospects for surviving are dim. Remember this man in your prayers.