Last Man Out

A former Communist tells how "The Party" instructs public school teachers to slant American education in favor of the Soviet Union. After her story is dramatized, the teacher herself appears on the program to praise the House Un-American Activities Committee.

This technique has been perfected over the years since this was first broadcast in 1953.

We see the results in public schools every day in political correctness and Indoctrination to divide and conquer America by teaching children to look at America capitalism as bad.

Todays social media has perfected the communists propaganda in public schools.

Listen to this eye opening program, The Last Man Out, that is a true story of a former communist teacher who was taught how to subvert America in public schools!

The Last Man Out    (Click on the link at the left to hear this 25 min explanation of how communists subverted pulic schools in 1953.)

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