Length and Distance Conversion

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Enter a value and a unit and the value will be converted to other units.

Convert between over forty units of length with up to ten significant figures and optional scientific notation. 

Significant figures are used. Results have the proper number of significant figures for the conversion factor and the number that was entered. Most conversion factors used by this calculator have ten significant figures. Scientific notation may be used for large results or if the number of significant digits would be ambiguous otherwise. This calculator follows proper rounding rules for scientific purposes.

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What is a yottametre? Glad you asked.

The yottametre ( SI symbol: Ym) is a unit of length in the metric system equal to 1024 metres.

1.2 Ym 127 million light years Distance to the closest observed gamma ray burst GRB 980425 1.3 Ym 137 million light years Distance to the Centaurus Cluster of galaxies, the nearest large supercluster 1.9 Ym 201 million light years Diameter of the Local Supercluster 2.8 Ym 296 million light years Distance to the Coma Cluster 3.2 Ym 338 million light years Distance to the Stephan's Quintet 4.7 Ym 496 million light years Length of the CfA2 Great Wall, one of the largest observed superstructures in the Universe 6.1 Ym 645 million light years Distance to the Shapley Supercluster 9.5 Ym 996 million light years Diameter of the Eridanus Supervoid 1 yottametre - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 metres

1,000 yoctometers (ym) equals one zeptometers (zm) (The yottametre and yoctometers are different.)