Ornament Calculator   (Merry Christmas)

Ornament Calculator

Calculate how many ornaments you need on a christmas tree. Enter the height and trunk width of your Christmas tree to get recommended  # of ornaments.

1. Christmas Tree Height in Feet (example enter 7 for a 7' tree)

2. Christmas Tree Trunk Width in Inches (example enter .4 for a 4" diameter tree trunk) (.1 = 1")


Recommended # of Ornaments:

The number of ornaments you choose to hang on your tree is based on personal preference and there is no exact calculation. Purchase an extra box or set of ornaments in each color you choose to help ensure you have a few replacements on hand should any of your ornaments become lost or broken.

Mixing and matching ornaments sizes is a good way to add variety and depth to your Christmas tree design. When decorating your  Christmas tree, add large or heavy ornaments to the interior of the tree where branches are thickest to protect them and add depth. Smaller ornaments work best on the tips of branches. Fill gaps in the tree with varying ornament sizes and decorations and try to keep things even.

Personalized ornaments are also a great idea if you have a certain specific decorating  idea in mind.

When Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas-Why? (Creation.com)

In countries today that celebrate Christmas, it is only Christians who truly worship Jesus for coming to Earth as God. Everybody else just has a party and perhaps a holiday. And, indeed, Christmas trees, lights, decorations, exchanging cards and presents, family reunions, and enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner are all fun things to have or to do.

However, all this means that Christmas for most people is just a giant shopping spree, with people giving gifts to each other, but not paying homage to Jesus as the shepherds and the Wise Men did. Also, nowadays, the celebration of Christmas often involves a jolly fat man in a red suit, who supposedly lives at the North Pole and travels all over the world by snow sledge on Christmas Eve distributing presents to children who have ‘been good’. This of course is a fairy story, but it is also idolatry when used as a substitute for worshipping Jesus. God, not Santa, is the One who knows all that we say and do.

The modern Santa Claus is a corruption of the name of a real man, Saint Nicholas (270–343). He was Bishop of Myra in modern day Turkey and famous for his generosity. A legend says that he provided dowries for three daughters of a poor man—under the cover of night, he threw three purses full of gold coins through the window. But the real Nicholas would be horrified at the claims about Santa Claus.

So as we enjoy all the good things about Christmas, we also need to remember that the ‘reason for the season’ is that Jesus came to Earth to be born, to live, and to die for the sins of the world, and then to rise again to give new life to all who put their faith and trust in Him.

Christmas-Why? (Creation.com)

GoodNewsPost.com (KJV Bible)


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