This calculator can be used by painters to find out how much paint is needed to cover a given area. The calculator also has an advanced feature that will take the total of the width and height of doors and windows and subtract that measurement from the total area.

Paint Calculator



Wall 1 Width: ft.
Wall 1 Height: ft.
Wall 2 Width: ft.
Wall 2 Height: ft.
Wall 3 Width: ft.
Wall 3 Height: ft.
Wall 4 Width: ft.
Wall 4 Height: ft.


Door 1 Width: ft.
Door 1 Height: ft.
Door 2 Width: ft.
Door 2 Height: ft.


Window 1 Width: ft.
Window 1 Height: ft.
Window 2 Width: ft.
Window 2 Height: ft.

Area covered by one can of paint

Can covers: sq. ft.

Calculated Area

Wall 1 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 2 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 3 Area: sq. ft.
Wall 4 Area: sq. ft.

Total Area without windows and doors substituted
Total Area: sq. ft.

Total Area with windows and doors substituted
Total Area: sq. ft.

How many cans of paint will be needed.
Number of cans:

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Calculate how much paint is needed to cover a given area using the Paint Area Calculator. (painters, width, height, doors, windows, paint calculator, cans of paint, cans of paint needed, area, number of cans, cans of paint needed calculator, sq ft)

You want to repair and repaint as soon as you notice paint starting to crack, blister, and peel. Ignoring these problems will lead to a much more problems.

Be sure to read the label, clean the surface, tape the trim, window, and door frames, prime the walls , brush where you can't roll, use the w technique and paint the trim.