Run/Walk Calculator (Estimate Only)

Walk Pace (mins./mi.) Run Pace (mins./mi.) Run/Walk
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Minutes Walked Per Cycle Minutes Run Per Cycle Distance Covered per Period (mi.) Average Pace (mins./mi.) Average Pace (min:ss/mi.)
15* 8* 10* 2* 8* 1.13** 8.82** 8:49**






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Walking Pace (mins./mi.) = pace while walking in minutes per mile
Running Pace (mins./mi.) = pace while running in minutes per mile
Run/Walk Cycle (mins.) = minutes spent running + walking during the time period cycle (e.g., 8 min. running + 2 min. walking = 10 min.)
Minutes Walked per Cycle (min.) = minutes spent walking during the time period cycle (e.g., 2 min.)
Minutes Run Per Cycle (min.) = minutes spent running during the time period cycle (e.g., 8 min.)
**Distance Covered per Period (mi.) = calculated distance covered while running + walking
**Average Pace (mins./mi.) = calculated average pace expressed in minutes/mi.
**Average Pace (min:ss./mi.) = calculated average pace expressed in minutes:seconds/mi.

Most beginning runners start out using a run/walk technique because they don't have the endurance or fitness to run for extended periods of time. Some experienced runners also use run/walk as a strategy for increasing their overall mileage, completing endurance races, and reducing their injury risk.

Warm up with a 5-minute walk. Run for a short segment and then take a walk break. Beginners can alternate very short run segments with short walks, such as 1 minute running, 6 minutes walking. 

Keep repeating your run/walk pattern until you've covered your goal distance or time. For example, if you want to run/walk for 16 minutes, you can run/walk at a 1:6 ratio for two cycles.

Use the proper form. Start your walking before your running muscles get too tired. This will allow your muscles to recover instantly, which extends your time and distance. If you wait until you're very tired, you'll end up walking  too slow and it will be difficult to start running again.

Try to extend the amount of time you're running and reduce your walking time.

Use the run walk calculator to calculate the distance covered and average pace. 

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