The dish satellite pkg can range from $19.95-164.99 a month. The direct TV Pkg can range from $24.00-$124.00. In addition to other charges for a DVR, on demand movies, premium channels, late fees, and early termination fees. A ROKU player has a one time charge for the player of $49.99-$99.99. There are HUNDREDS of FREE or small fee channels. It works like a dvr because you can pause it, stop it etc and it will remember what you were watching for later. The ROKU player has a fast forward and rewind function also. The cost of dish TV or Direct TV vs a roku player is SIGNIFICANT. Netflix is only $8.99 a month and it has hundreds of movies. If you are paying for Dish TV or Direct TV you are paying too much! Purchase a ROKU streaming player and enjoy what you have been missing along with saving a lot of money.

I have a channel called TIPS FOR SURVIVING on ROKU. The cost is only a $1.99 one time charge. contains: Vital info on water purification, survival medicine, canning, victory garden, self reliance, compass use, star navigation, making knots, self defense, reloading ammo, how to use a revolver and rifle, drying fruits and vegetables, making jerky, survival stress, shelter in place, survival tactics etc. There are many videos on how to be self reliant when it comes to being informed on how to survive.

Order Tips For Surviving On ROKU Here

Tips For Surviving

(The example balance is $200.00 a month. The value entered must not be more than $200.00 All blocks must have a numerical value of at least 0 for the satellite dish cost per month calculator to function. The satellite dish cost per month calculator is an eye opener.)

Satellite Dish Cost Per Month

Funds Available For Satellite Per Month
Example Balance Is 200 A Month (Enter A value):
How Much You Spend On A Satellite Dish Per Month
On Demand Movies Cost:
Dish Pkg Cost:
Direct Tv Pkg Cost:
Premium Channels Cost:
Late Fee Cost:
Early Termination Fee Cost:
Number of months:
Cost Of Dish VS  $0.00 Cost For A ROKU

I also have another ROKU channel called Military Chronicle. The cost is only $3.99 one time charge for over 260 videos.

Military Chronicle contains: A military chronicle of military history. Historical films and documentaries. Combat operations before and after WWII. Historical Films, Military Documentaries/Movies. A Military Chronicle Of ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE And MARINES. US History Of Combat On Land, Air And At Sea. The US Military As Documented By Military Cameramen. (242) Military videos of military history details including the Big Picture. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. This is real history not ,"rewritten history". Veterans who served tell there story for all to learn.

Order Military Chronicle On ROKU Here

Military Chronicle

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