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...THEME SONG:  Most radio programs are readily identified by their theme songs, but few themes ever become "stars" in their own right and command both fan mail and phone calls.

NBC Hollywood has such a property on hand however, in the theme song of James  Stewart's Western adventure series, "Six Shooter" (NBC-WIBA, Sundays, 7 p.m.).
Producer Jack Johnstone has explained that "at first it was an occasional card inquiring about our theme--who wrote it, its title, and so forth.  But now its resolved itself into a steady flow of letters and phone calls each week."

The tune causing all the excitement is "The Highland Lament" by Ralph Vaughan Williams.
To all the mail requesting information on how to buy the record Johnstone must give the same answer: 
"It's a special English recording restricted to broadcast use only."...

When you listen to a James Stewert 6 Shooter episode you will only hear part of , Ralph Vaughan William’s "The Highland Lament."

I found the complete version and want to make it available for you to hear.

It lasts 2 Min 44 Sec.  I thought it was an exceptional song also.

Click here  to listen to The Highland Lament also known as the Six Shooter theme song.

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