Area 1 Length x Area 1 Width
Area 2 Length x Area 2 Width
Area 3 Length x Area 3 Width

Square Feet or Pallets

The amount of new sod needed for a project can be determined by dividing the space into squares and rectangles.  Calculate the area of each square or rectangular section (length x width), then add the areas together to get the total amount of sod that is required.

Each pallet will cover approximately 450 square feet, which is equal to 50 square yards. Each individual piece is about 16" x 24". There are 171 pieces on each pallet.

One of the best things about solid sodding is that it can be done year round. You don't have to wait for just the right ground temperature or for threat of frost or freeze to pass. You also don't have to rush your job to get the yard done before winter. Sod can be installed even in its dormant state to help with erosion control and in keeping your carpets and floors clean.

To prepare the soil for sod do the following:

Installing Sod

How much water does sod need?

When should I start mowing my new lawn?

Wait until the grass is fully established and rooted before the first mowing. This usually takes about 2-3 weeks.

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