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Wheel Diameter (inches)        Crank Length (inches)
Desired Constant Speed (mph)       Rider's Weight (lbs)       Bicycle Weight (lbs)
% Grade (+ for uphill,- for downhill)       Mechanical Losses (3-5% is typical) %
Gear Ratio (#Teeth Rear/Front)            
Air Resistance Coefficient
Rolling Resistance Coefficient        

Calculated Outputs
Total required input power from the rider       HP     Watts
Power needed to overcome air resistance      HP   %
Power to overcome rolling resistance in tires  HP   %
Power needed for elevation change               HP   %
Power lost to mechanical losses, friction, etc. HP   %
    Calories burned per mile kcals (assuming 28% efficiency in conversion to human power output)
    Average Pedal Force Lbs     Average Traction Force Lbs
    Pedal Speed RPM                Tire Speed RPM

The war on cars, bicycles and UN agenda 21

Some may have never heard the term “complete streets” or “walkable communities” so allow me to enlighten you. The “Complete Streets” policy of one Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) says “it will serve to provide safe access for all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and bus riders.” Sounds harmless, right? There’s more. It also says the benefits include “encouraging walking and bicycling, eases transportation mobility, encourages children to become more physically active along with reducing air emissions from single occupancy vehicles.”

By now you may be asking how does providing safe access to roads translate into reducing single occupancy vehicles? Because the “complete streets” initiatives aren’t about adding curbs and sidewalks (which indeed are needed to accommodate pedestrians and the disabled) as much as about declaring an all-out war on cars. Like “complete streets,” “walkable communities” is code for the United Nations’ Agenda 21 initiatives that seek to abolish private property, reduce the carbon footprint of humans, restrict mobility, and basically control what we eat, how many children we can have, how we travel, and where we can live, work, and play -- initiatives which are already being implemented through ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability in over 600 cities nationwide and in 178 countries worldwide.

To the UN and environmental wacos you are an infestation that is a threat to biodiversity and "Sustainable Development", therefore agenda 21 seeks to restrict you to a reserve and corridor system to sustain "mother earth" whom they worship. 

Sustainable Development | Agenda 21 (Read this and find out why humans are an "infestation" to environ "mental" wacos.)

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