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HOME SCHOOL CALCULATOR OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: (Super Multifunctional Online Pocket Calculator)

Help screens are built into your Calculator. Place your cursor over any key or function button and Right Click your mouse button. You'll see a help screen pop up that explains what the key or function does and how to use it. The left hand side of the Calculator is about the same as an ordinary pocket Calculator. You can use your mouse or keyboard to enter numbers and most operands. Left Click your mouse to press a key, Right Click for help with that key or function. Remember, you can copy, save and print out important calculations using the COPY function. You can also add your own text into the RECORD screen simply by placing your cursor anywhere in the RECORD screen and typing your text where you want it.

Super multifunctional calculator calculates: cubic volume, hex, square root, binary, cosine, tagent, sin, logarithm, square area of rectangle, circle diameter, triangle, square, triangle area, square area, cubic volume of sphere, cube, cylinder, loan amortization, monthly payment, multi memory functions, addition, subtraction, percent, division, multiplication, number cruncher, fraction, decimal, add your own text notes and print out all results.

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